Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast- Between Laughter and Sorrow

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /

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Jays Journal Podcast for June 26th: Between Laughter and Sorrow 

With the baseball trade deadline fast approaching and the Toronto Blue Jays producing daily efforts on the diamond which range from surprisingly competitive to predictably mediocre, you can’t blame fans for feeling a profound sense of deja vu intertwined with what we can best described as the inevitability of foreboding, necessary change. The kind of change that may leave this team looking nothing like their former selves, and thus ushering in a new era that will most certainly be referred to as the “official” Mark Shapiro rebuild.

Joining me to help further dissect the intricacies of what’s most likely to unfold over the next few weeks is baseball writer Chris Henderson (@baseball4brains), one of the site experts at Jays Journal, who takes a deeper underlying look at how recent struggles have truly reflected on the character of this team, and why Vlad Guerrero Jr.’s injury might end up being the best thing for everyone involved: fans, management, and the player himself. (6:08-11:31)

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It’s also my distinct pleasure to welcome motivational speaker and mental health conditioning expert Riley Tincher (@RileyTincher), who shares his thoughts on the challenge behind treating depression and social anxiety in the sport of baseball. Riley’s assessment of Roberto Osuna is particularly compelling, along with his personal reasons behind writing a book (Pitching Against Myself) detailing his emotional private battles that led him to become a public inspiration to those in need of help, compassion, and guidance. (11:42-31:02)

Last but not least, I’m joined by comedian Bryan Hatt (@BryanHatt) and producer Matthew Leslie Burke (@mttbrk13) in a lovely discussion on baseball philosophy, childhood reflection, and podcasting existentialism. You’ll get a real kick out of hearing what the talented team behind Chatting Practice (@chattingpod) has to offer for audio enthusiasts of sports comedy podcasts that respect the listener, keep you consistently entertained, and always get it right the first time. (31:11-57:09)

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