Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast- “Three Wise Men”

CHICAGO, IL - AUG 01: Marcus Stroman
CHICAGO, IL - AUG 01: Marcus Stroman /

Jays Journal has recently launched a new podcast, which is hosted by our own Ari Shapiro, and can be found on Tune in regularly to hear Ari and a wide range of guests talk about current issues, have roundtable discussions, and regularly take your calls to discuss all things Blue Jays.

Jays Journal Podcast – August 3rd. “Three Wise Men.”

Once upon a time in a kingdom where one’s beloved local professional baseball team could enjoy a rare off-day after an eventful week of brutal campaigning, three wise men appeared on the horizon to join host Ari Shapiro in frivolous banter and magnanimous repartee about all things Toronto Blue Jays. With 54 games remaining in the regular season, most fans have seemingly accepted the notion that the season is over, while an intrepid few remain hopeful that the wild card stays a faint and comforting possibility.

We’re excited to bring you a fearsome round table comprised of Sportsnet author, podcaster and blogger, Arden Zwelling (@ArdenZwelling), the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts and author of the Baseball Thesaurus, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler (@jgoldstrass), and Jays Journal site expert and writer, Chris Henderson (@Baseball4Brains).

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Together, they discuss their thoughts on: the recent ticket price increases and if management will genuinely invest in this team (3:12), if 2018 will be a year of growth notwithstanding a largely inactive trade deadline (4:15), how the youth movement will fare against rising cynical expectations (5:21), and if their foundational pieces are enough to off-set a mediocre season of baseball (6:59).

They also discuss Stroman-Sanchez-Osuna-Travis as the core and nucleus (8:48), the perception of diminished fan value and the sobering reality of a wild card push (11:59), their shared contempt for mediocre umpiring and subsequent thoughts on science fiction robots (14:44), and their respective opinions of the most under-rated Blue Jays player in franchise history (20:51).

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