Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast- “Struggling for Legitimacy”

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Jays Journal Podcast – October 29. “Struggling for Legitimacy.”

How excruciating a reality it must be for fans and admirers of the Toronto Blue Jays to sit back and witness the 2017 World Series drama between two adversaries built to contend for many years to come, and with front offices dedicated exclusively to winning. It’s only prudent that your host, Ari Shapiro, is ready and willing to bring you the most realistic and valued perspectives about this off-season delivered through the wisdom and experience of his guests.

We’re joined on this show by a true sportscasting legend who works with the OHL, inside the TSN newsroom, and can be heard on 1050 radio; he’s also an instructor at The College of Sports Media – Tony Ambrogio (@Tony_Ambrogio) joins us to discuss: how fans should reconcile a 76 win season (2:45), does he have confidence in the next generation of prospects (4:40), his thoughts on the purge of media-related front office positions (7:11), and how unprepared the team was with replacement parts (12:15).

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Next, we’re thrilled to bring you the talented host of “Good Show” on Sportsnet Fan 590, JD Bunkis (@JDBunkis), who diligently explores: if he has any confidence in Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins (14:50), was it frugality or just poor decisions that doomed the Jays this year (19:15), and what would be his priority for the team in 2018 (22:59).

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