Jays Journal Podcast- “Soft Resets and Intellectual Exercises”

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 17: Josh Donaldson
TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 17: Josh Donaldson /

The Jays Journal Podcast is hosted by our own Ari Shapiro, and can be found on blogtalkradio.com. Tune in regularly to hear Ari and a wide range of guests talk about current issues, have roundtable discussions, and regularly take your calls to discuss all things Blue Jays.

Jays Journal Podcast – December 19. “Soft Resets & Intellectual Exercises.”

Join us for another episode of compellingly authoritative and mostly entertaining Toronto Blue Jays perspectives featuring your host, Ari Shapiro, and his round table of baseball excellence: Marshall Auerback (@Mauerback) from the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Jason Woodell (@JasonAtTheGame) of prospects1500.com and Ian Hunter (@BlueJayHunter) from Sporting News MLB and bluejayhunter.com. Together, the panel throws themselves head-first into a multitude of trending diamond quandaries including:

Their thoughts on Mark Shapiro’s recent comments regarding Alex Anthopoulos and the state of the franchise (3:23), on the legacy of his predecessor and if the latest crop of elite prospects should be considered untouchable in the eyes of the fans (11:20), Ian’s recent article on his website entitled “If Josh Donaldson isn’t for sale, why do the Cardinals keep calling?” and if the panel feels he should be moved during this calendar year (27:53).

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The panel also discusses why choosing a philosophical direction is absolutely vital considering the failed window of competition that was thrust open in 2015 (35:41), and why the Aledmys Diaz acquisition might be the start of many other under-the-radar style moves heading up to spring training – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (44:45).

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