Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast- “Dare to Dream”

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 26: Teoscar Hernandez
BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 26: Teoscar Hernandez /

The Jays Journal Podcast is hosted by our own Ari Shapiro, and can be found on Tune in regularly to hear Ari and a wide range of guests talk about current issues, have roundtable discussions, and regularly take your calls to discuss all things Blue Jays.

Jays Journal Podcast – November 27. “Dare to Dream” 

We’re thrilled to be back on the air with an action-packed baseball show filled with promising speculation, reinforced idealism, and enough joie de vivre to make you forget the winter season altogether.

First, we’re joined by Sportsnet Fan 590 radio host and one of the classiest professionals in the business, Roger Lajoie (@TheRog590), who visits with host Ari Shapiro to discuss his thoughts on the Blue Jays 2017 season, the future of Josh Donaldson, and how fans should feel about team ownership moving forward. (9:55) 

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Next up, we’re honored to have a sportscasting legend and motivational speaker who changed the broadcasting landscape with his charisma and commitment to local sports for over 35 years on the CTV network, Joe Tilley (@joeswisstv) joins the podcast to share his opinion on what 2018 holds for the fans and how Mark Shapiro plans to carve his imprint on the franchise. (24:07)

Later in the show, we’re visited by Elias Andersen (@AndersenElias) and Richard Birfer (@richardbirfs) from the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network (@CBScountingNet) who offer us their fastidious perspectives on the Blue Jays top three organizational prospects. (45:46)

And last but not least, we’ve managed to cobble together one of the best impromptu round tables in recent Jays Journal memory as we’re joined by site expert Chris Henderson (@Baseball4Brains)and writers Sam Bruce (@comm_bruce)Jason Lee (@Jasons_JaysHub), and Craig Borden (@Craigers1221) for a discussion on all things Josh Donaldson, Marcus Stroman, and the intrigue surrounding the off-season free agent market. This is one show you won’t want to miss! (50:30)

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