Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast Exclusive with Arden Zwelling


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Jays Journal Podcast Exclusive with Arden Zwelling

On tonight’s show, we’re pleased to bring you a Jays Journal exclusive interview with Arden Zwelling (@ArdenZwelling) of Sportsnet. This highly lauded and critically respected baseball journalist offers us his opinions on the Blue Jays efforts against Baltimore and the team’s upcoming series with the Red Sox, along with his candid thoughts on Roberto Osuna. So make yourself comfortable and join your host, Ari Shapiro, as we look at:

Arden’s conclusions on the Baltimore series (3:15); analyzing the daunting task of facing the Red Sox, Yankees, and Astros (4:10); How Boston differentiates themselves from other American League East pretenders (5:30); Doug Fister vs. Marco Estrada (7:45); Marco’s future, his recent performance, and perceived trade value (9:20). 

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They also discuss Chris Sale vs. Francisco Liriano (11:30); Drew Pomeranz vs. Joe Biagini (13:45); thoughts on the Joe Biagini experiment and if it was out of the box thinking or an act of sheer desperation (14:50); on the value of player intangibles and his thoughts on athlete intellectualism (16:51); a look at Roberto Osuna and if MLB is doing enough to help their athletes with the challenge of sound mental health (20:10); on living in a clickbait, highly contrarian, scoop-oriented digital world of conflicting human interests (23:05); musings on the pitching culture and the gradual modernization of baseball (26:20); his modus operandi when it comes to being a successful sports journalist (32:45); and his advice to anyone interested in becoming a professional sportscaster (34:05).

Be sure to check out the “At The Letters” podcast featuring Arden Zwelling & Ben Nicholson-Smith on Sportsnet. It’s the best thing you’ll do today.

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