Blue Jays: Jays Journal Podcast- “Generational Angst”

TORONTO, ON - JULY 9: Joe Biagini
TORONTO, ON - JULY 9: Joe Biagini /

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Jays Journal Podcast – February 20th. “Generational Angst.”

It’s been less than a week at spring training and already the Toronto Blue Jays find themselves under siege from bone spurs, twitter bon vivants, and stark admissions from their MVP superstar that nothing’s transpired in the way of contract talks. But fear not, oh intrepid listener! We’re back for another season of keeping you hormonally balanced, tenderly medicated, and mostly sane without breaking any laws.

Tune in and listen to seasoned baseball raconteurs plying their craft; an exclusive interview with Sporting News MLB writer Ian Hunter (@BlueJayHunter), who offers us his candid thoughts on the retirement of the legendary Jerry Howarth and why 2018 has a chance to be a year of plenty. (2:48) 

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Next, we have a lively round table with celebrated Sportsnet blogger Tao of Stieb (@TaoofStieb) and Jays Journal site expert Chris Henderson (@Baseball4Brains) sharing perspectives on Marcus Stroman, baseball collusion, and what’s inside the deep recesses of Joe Biagini’s head. (20:32)

Richard Birfer (@richardbirfs) & Dan Seguin (@danseguin23) of the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network (@CBScoutingNet) are back on the show for prospect analysis. This week? Their definitive take on Jon Harris & Sean Reid-Foley. (65:58).

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