Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman has strong words for critics

TORONTO, ON - JULY 27: Marcus Stroman
TORONTO, ON - JULY 27: Marcus Stroman /

Toronto Blue Jays hurler Marcus Stroman has had a couple of eventful starts of late battling not only feuding with umpires but also opposing hitters who do not take kindly to the shimmy shake and the delayed delivery that is the Stro-Show.

The latest drama surfaced Tuesday evening when Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox took exception to Marcus Stroman attempting to disrupt his rhythm. The home plate umpire wrongly granted Anderson time out while Stroman was in mid delivery. Once Anderson was retired via the strikeout, stares and words were exchanged that resulted in the benches clearing before calmer heads prevailed.

To make matters worst Blue Jays play by play announcer Buck Martinez did not realize he was on the air when he voiced his displeasure of Stroman saying “He just can’t help himself. He just had to holler back over at the White Sox.” Martinez was in conversation with his partner Pat Tabler at the time of the Freudian slip.

Stroman retweeted the “Buck Blunder” so he is definitely aware of the opinions of the boys in the booth.

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Anderson and Stroman both had their own takes on the incident postgame with Anderson taking a shot at Stroman stating “He just complained and cries like he always does”. Perhaps Anderson should worry more about raising his .230 batting average than what Stroman is doing on the bump.

So after the dust settled Stroman took to social media to defend his actions and reassure the world that the Stroman we all love is here to stay.

The Blue Jays pitcher even received support from his World Baseball Classic teammate Danny Duffy via social media encouraging the hurler to keep being himself.

Never a dull moment when the Stro-Show is on the bump however the league does need to better educate their umpires on pitchers like Stroman who utilize the delay tactic and consistently try to disrupt the hitters timing.

Keep being you Stro, Canada loves you.

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