Blue Jays: JJ Podcast- Sunday, bloody Sunday


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Jays Journal Podcast- Sunday, Bloody Sunday

On tonight’s show, our round table of baseball experts and Jays Journal writers congregate to discuss what was essentially a train wreck of baseball by mourning a lost opportunity against the Boston Red Sox, and if solace could be found in an upcoming series against the New York Yankees.

Clayton Richer (@ClaytonRicher), Ashley Weisdorf (@AshleyWeisdorf), and Craig Borden (@Craigers1221) sit down with host Ari Shapiro to discuss the remains of the day after a harrowing weekend that left this franchise with more questions than answers. Tune in and listen to:

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Is the glass truly half-filled and will the Bronx Bombers bring the team some respite from the last week (1:35); why the Yankees could be the turning point of the season (3:30); Josh Donaldson trade rumours (4:35); Clint Fraser and the Rochester Red Wings (10:15); how to bridge the next 1-2 years if the tank is in and will fans pay to watch the 2018 Blue Jays (11:40). 

They also discuss why the big contracts on the payroll shouldn’t be a concern for the team (13:45); the sad reality of RISP and why Edwin’s parrot is missed more than words can offer (16:15); the Houston Astros and the daunting nature of tanking (21:22), the depature of Grilli and believing in the wisdom of this front office (24:05); on budget, spending, and if a window is still open (28:45); will this management group dare to dream and invest (33:00).

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