The best and worst September performers from the current Blue Jays roster

Who could make or break the Blue Jays season based on the current players' previous performances down the stretch in the final month of the season?
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Bo Bichette

Everyone knows already what Bo Bichette can do for the ballclub. He has basically done it all for the Jays whenever he is healthy and playing. But little do people know that as impressive and consistent as he has been, he can actually raise his game to entirely another level during the final month of the season when the games matter most.

In 94 career games in September, Bichette has hit .336 with a whopping .931 OPS, along with 66 runs scored, 18 home runs and 65 RBI, with no other month surpassing these totals. So basically he hits over 35 points higher than his career average and 100 points higher than his career OPS during the final month of the season. Also, if projected over a 162-game span, it would mean he would be producing 114 runs, 31 home runs and 112 RBI, which are MVP-type numbers.

Over the years, when the Jays really needed someone to step up for them in the stretch run, that person without question has been Bichette. Unfortunately, he is currently on the 10-day IL with a right quad strain, after being back in the lineup for only eight days, as he was sidelined the several weeks prior with a right knee injury that occurred at the end of July.

If the Jays were to have any chance in chasing down one of the Wild Card spots by the end of the year, Bichette will need to be back as soon as possible to help make it happen. But they will need to take extra caution at the same time to be sure he is back to full health when returning to avoid any further risk of injury that could end both Bichette and the Jays’ season at the same time.