The best and worst September performers from the current Blue Jays roster

Who could make or break the Blue Jays season based on the current players' previous performances down the stretch in the final month of the season?
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Génesis Cabrera

For Génesis Cabrera, what can we say about his performance so far with the Jays. Ever since he was acquired from the St. Louis Cardinals back in July, Cabrera has been nothing short of incredible for the ballclub. For those of you at home that may not have realized it yet, Cabrera is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA, 0.49 WHIP, giving up only six hits, two walks and 12 strikeouts in 16.1 innings of work since becoming a Jay. Obviously, he isn’t going to sustain this pace for an entire season, but he is definitely relishing his opportunity with his new ballclub and running away with it.

The even better news is that as we enter the month of September, it has typically been Cabrera’s best performing month in his career. In his five years of MLB experience, he has been undefeated in September with a 4-0 record, along with a miniscule 1.75 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, giving up only seven earned runs, 21 walks and 42 strikeouts over 36 innings pitched with two saves to boot. That is almost two whole earned runs below his career ERA of 3.81. So when the going gets tough, apparently Cabrera becomes even tougher to beat.

With that in mind, Jays’ manager John Schneider should really consider using Cabrera in more high leverage situations down the stretch, rather than just lefty-lefty matchups. He could potentially be the difference maker in helping the Jays reach the postseason in the end if utilized properly and not waste him with those one-batter, two-batter outings that we have seen multiple times this year already.