The best and worst September performers from the current Blue Jays roster

Who could make or break the Blue Jays season based on the current players' previous performances down the stretch in the final month of the season?
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For the Toronto Blue Jays, when it comes to playing critical games down the stretch in their hot pursuit of the playoffs, it will be important to have the players all performing at their best to give the team the best chance at winning. Some may rise to the occasion and produce unexpected results, whereas others may unfortunately flounder in the intense pressure.

To see who these key players are that could make a difference for the ballclub, we will take a closer look at the best and worst performers in the final month of the season from the current Blue Jays roster (based on their career statistics to date). For the purposes of this article, whenever the term ‘September’ is being utilized, it is referring to the month of September in addition to any regular season games that take place in October as well.

Best September performers

Danny Jansen

We already know that Danny Jansen has been one of the rare clutch hitters for the Jays this season. Time and time again, we have seen Jansen come through with game-tying and game-winning hits throughout this season, but many may not know the best is yet to come. That is because September has always been Jansen’s best run production month in his career.

In 93 games over his six-year career, Jansen has hit an impressive .262 with an .859 OPS, with 47 runs scored, 18 doubles, 16 home runs, 50 RBI and 135 total bases in September, handily beating any of his standard marks set in his other months.

Coincidentally, September has been also one of Alejandro Kirk’s weaker performing months for his career. So to maximize the Jays’ chance of winning, they may want to lean towards giving Jansen the majority of the starts from here on out.