6 Hall of Fame candidates who dominated the Blue Jays over the years 

So which potential future Hall of Famers had the Blue Jays’ number during their active years in the MLB?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 1
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 1 / Nick Laham/GettyImages
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Andy Pettitte

The Jays had faced many tantalizing pitchers in the past, but when it came to pitchers that once owned them, one former standout from their arch-rival New York Yankees rises above the rest. Despite not being known as an overpowering, strikeout pitcher during his time, Andy Pettitte certainly had the Jays’ number during his 18-year career in the majors. The former Yankees’ ace was a three-time All-Star, along with finishing within the top five in Cy Young voting on four different occasions. More importantly, he was a big-time playoff performer, leading the Yankees to five World Series titles by posting 19 wins in the process.

With regards to his dominance of the Jays over the years, Pettitte is tied with Mike Mussina with the most ever wins for any one pitcher against the ballclub in their career. On top of that, Pettitte registered 229 strikeouts and 3 complete games against Toronto, which was the most he had against any one team in the league. His strikeout total also ranked him fourth overall for pitchers that have faced the Jays during their tenure in the big leagues. For the most part, let’s just say he was one player Toronto never wanted to see whenever they faced the Yankees in a series.

Pettitte will be returning for his sixth ballot in 2024 after receiving 17.0% of the votes in 2023. His career ERA of 3.85 and WHIP of 1.35, along with a low number of strikeouts stand out as the parameters that may limit his chances of reaching the Hall, but with five more cracks at it, there may still be a long shot chance for the Yankees’ icon to get his moment of fame in the end.