6 Hall of Fame candidates who dominated the Blue Jays over the years 

So which potential future Hall of Famers had the Blue Jays’ number during their active years in the MLB?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 1
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Omar Vizquel

Vizquel's strongest selling point for his career wasn’t his offence, although he did occasionally run into one at the plate. Instead, his speed and defence was among the elite during his time in the majors. The three-time All-Star averaged between 30-40 stolen bases per season during his prime, along with taking home Gold Glove honours 11 times, including a nine-year consecutive streak between 1993 to 2001.

With the bulk of his 24-year career spent with the Cleveland Indians, the Jays often encountered the defensive wizard on a yearly basis as a result of being in the American League together. Despite not being known as a power hitter, Vizquel somehow managed to muster 8 home runs against Jays’ pitching, making it the most he had hit against any team in the entire leagueb. In addition, his 33 total bags swiped against the blue and white put the team tied with the Chicago White Sox for the most bases Vizquel had stolen against in the league. On top of that, he often stole many hits away from Jays’ hitters with his elite defence, making him one of the rare breeds that hurt the Jays with the trifecta of his bat, his speed, and his defence all at the same time.

At least Vizquel paid back some of his dues to the Jays when he joined the ballclub during his last season in the majors prior to his retirement. With the ballclub, he provided valuable veteran experience and helped guide and inspire the younger generation that made up part of the team. Last year, Vizquel received only 19.5% of the votes, so he has managed to stay solidly on the ballot but is still quite a ways away from being elected. Entering his seventh year of eligibility, he will be a long shot to get into the Hall of Fame within these four years. Nevertheless, Jays’ fans will have this lasting memory to commemorate as one of his highlights of his career with the ballclub.