6 Hall of Fame candidates who dominated the Blue Jays over the years 

So which potential future Hall of Famers had the Blue Jays’ number during their active years in the MLB?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 1
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 1 / Nick Laham/GettyImages
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Alex Rodriguez

When it comes to the player that Jays’ fans loathe the most, while at the same time seemed to exert his powers at his will whenever facing the team, no one beats the one they call A-Rod or in other words, Alex Rodriguez. One of the most dominant and feared hitters in the game during his era, the 14-time All Star racked up three MVP awards along with 10 Silver Slugger and two Gold Glove awards over his 22-year stellar career.

As an apparent Jays’ killer, Rodriguez sure racked up some historical numbers against his old divisional rival. Among the history of hitters that fared against the Jays in their career, he ranked fifth in hits with 248, third in runs scored with 160, seventh in doubles with 50, and second in both home runs with 58 and RBI with 178. But more significantly, no Jays’ fan will ever forget the time Rodriguez displayed his bad sportsmanship when he uttered a “Ha” sound to signal “I got it” while rounding the bases. It was enough to distract Jays’ third baseman Howie Clark for him to drop the pop-up by Jorge Posada, leaving the Jays and their fans steaming. That memorable incident propelled Rodriguez up to public enemy number one in the minds of the Jays’ faithful from that day forward.

With Rodriguez entering his third year of eligibility, he accumulated a solid 35.7% of the votes in the 2023 ballot. For someone with such an impressive resumé, one would think he should have gotten in as a first ballot Hall of Famer without a question. However, due to his connection to potentially performance-enhancing drugs from the past, it has keep his voting percentage relatively low, so he will probably need a few more years of support before he will have a legitimate shot at the Hall. The good news for Rodriguez is that he has 8 more years (including this year) to gather the required number of votes.