4 Blue Jays most likely to be traded if the club sells at the deadline

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Yimi García

There haven't been many relievers in baseball better than Yimi García. In 17 innings, he has a 0.53 ERA, and a 0.59 WHIP which second amongst relievers league-wide. García has been untouchable for the Jays, not allowing a single base hit off of his four-seam fastball, which he consistently locates at the top of the zone. With García currently having a 26.2 K-BB%, he's become a very tough pitcher too face, which also makes him one of the Jays best trade chips available.

This isn't unexpected from García either, as he's been a good reliever throughout his 10 year MLB tenure. He has a career 3.47 ERA and 1.050 WHIP across 376.1 innings pitched. So far in 2024, he's emerged as one of the best right handed relievers in the game. Relief pitchers are constantly moved each year, as teams always need to shore up bullpen strength, and it's clear that García would be a hefty upgrade to any team.

It's no doubt that García has been a bright spot for the Jays. He is currently the only Jays reliever with a positive fWAR at 0.5. The Jays bullpen has the third-highest team ERA in all of MLB at 5.03, while giving up the most home runs with 1.51 HR/9. García's contributions have only become more vital, putting more teams on notice to how invaluable he can be. He's a free agent after this season, but for teams that are looking to make a playoff push, García will improve those odds.