4 Blue Jays most likely to be traded if the club sells at the deadline

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Danny Jansen

Danny Jansen has been with the orginization for a long time. Since being drafted by the Jays in 2013, and making his debut in 2018, we've seen the immense growth for the 29-year-old catcher over the years. Jansen has truly elevated his game to another level, being an above average hitter for the past 4 seasons. He's off to another torrid start this season, hitting .298/.379/.632 with a 183 wRC+. Jansen has the highest .ISO in all of baseball at .333 for players with a minimum of 60 PAs.

It's clear that Jansen has emerged as a very good hitter, and he grades out roughly average defensively, at both throwing out runners and framing. This level of production makes him an incredible commodity to have, and could get a decent return, considering how difficult it can be to find catchers with the power numbers that Jansen can produce.

The question is that if Jansen is truly as valuable as the Jays believe, why would they not extend him for themselves? The biggest issue with Jansen has been his struggles to remain healthy over the past few seasons. He has been on the IL 7 times since June 2021, which might make the Jays more hesitant to commit to him for a long term contract. He hits free agency after this year, so if the Jays don't have intentions on bringing him back on another contract, it likely makes the most sense to offset him by the deadline. Many teams would be interested in a quality level catcher, and not many can definitively surpass Jansen's calibre.