3 truths about the 2023 Blue Jays that may have fans fuming

What three things about this year's Blue Jays that fans probably don't want to hear?
Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies
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The Blue Jays failed (miserably) to address their offence and ended up paying for it.

Back during the 2022-23 offseason, the Jays lost a fair chunk of their offensive potential when Teoscar Hernández, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Gabriel Moreno all left town as a result of trades made by GM Ross Atkins. With the team’s focus on improving the overall defence for the ballclub, they hoped that some extra runs saved by the defence would more than make up for some of the runs they could have been scored by the offence to win ballgames.

However, over the course of the 2023 season, it just felt like there were numerous times when the Jays struggled to produce any kind of sustainable offence, or even coming up with the big hits when they needed it most. Overall in MLB, the Jays ranked 14th in runs scored, 16th in home runs and RBI, and a woeful 27th in grounding into double plays, which definitely became a rally killer time and time again.

They had ample opportunities to try and obtain a power bat throughout the season, especially at the trade deadline, with both Lane Thomas and Hernández potentially available along with other viable options with the right offer. But the Jays never pulled the trigger as they just barely made it into the postseason. And guess what happened during the playoffs? They would end up scoring just ONE run in two games as they were swept by the Minnesota Twins in the AL Wild Card series.

The moral of the story here is, if you know there’s a problem with something, at least make an honest attempt to fix it before it ultimately comes back to haunt you in the end.