3 biggest swings and misses the Blue Jays made at the trade deadline

What did the Jays fail to do at the highly anticipated trade deadline?
Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays
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The Jays did not address their desperate need of a power bat to add to their lineup

Throughout the season, the Jays had been lacking a consistent, big bat that could help them produce runs at key moments in ballgames, leading to many frustrating blown opportunities, and ultimately some painful losses as a result of it. Hitting with runners in scoring position had also been the team’s Achilles heel for much of the 2023 season. What better way to take the team to the next level than by acquiring an impactful, power bat at the trade deadline to boost the team’s morale, along with their overall offensive output down the stretch.

There were definitely some available at the trade deadline, ranging from acceptable as in Tommy Pham of the New York Mets, to potentially a big difference maker in Lane Thomas of the Washington Nationals, all the way to a much highly anticipated reunion with former Blue Jay Teoscar Hernández of the Seattle Mariners. As a matter of fact, at one point in time, the Jays were believed to be the frontrunners for the services of Hernández, while Jays’ fans everywhere were holding their breath, waiting for the official announcement of his return home.

However, all that hype became major disappointment, as the deadline came and passed, leaving many of the Jays’ faithful dumbfounded that nothing ended up happening. That was a huge blown opportunity to not only provide much needed offensive help for the ballclub, but also a shot of confidence to Jays’ nation that they really mean business in getting it done this year. Unfortunately, that will now need to wait another year, as all their hopes now rests on the current core in that they can suddenly provide some offensive outburst in the coming weeks.