3 reasons you should worry about the Blue Jays bullpen, and 3 reasons you shouldn’t

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No. 1: This relief corps has a ton of upside

If the Blue Jays bullpen is currently lacking, it might not stay that way for long. Not only have the Jays accumulated impressive depth, but within this depth are a number of high upside rolls of the dice which could totally change the complexion of the bullpen in the coming months.

Remember their lack of high-end velocity? Down at Triple-A, each of Nate Pearson, Yosver Zulueta, Julian Fernández, and Junior Fernández can run it up at 100 mph. If one or more of these arms can finally put it all together, the Jays bullpen could take on an entirely different look.

In addition, there are many who believe that this is the year Zach Pop finally harnesses his high-90s sinker and becomes a dominant late-inning arm, while others are sure Ricky Tiedemann arrives as a flamethrowing bullpen lefty.

And then there is the eventual return of Chad Green, who, through his seven-year big league career, has thrown up at 3.17 ERA in 272 appearances. Should he return at something close to his career norms, the Jays can add another high-leverage arm to their bullpen down the stretch.

Taken together, it seems likely that at least one or two of these guys will emerge as a high-end option in 2023. And if they do, there will be a lot less reason to worry about the Blue Jays bullpen.

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