Who throws out the Blue Jays playoff opener first pitch?

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Roberto Alomar

Alomar is currently the only Blue Jays player to have their number retired by the organization and is the only Hall of Famer to be wearing a Jays Cap on their plaque in the Hall of Fame.  The fans love Robbie and would enjoy watching their hero throw out the first pitch.  Alomar came to Toronto in the trade that shaped the Blue Jays winning core.  Alomar was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Blue Jays one December 5th, 1990.  He was accompanied by teammate Joe Carter in the trade that sent long time Blue Jays Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez to the Padres.  Known for being a true performer in the field and with the bat, Alomar would go onto have an amazing career in which he batted .300 after playing 17 MLB seasons.  He would win 10 Gold Glove awards, 4 silver slugger awards, an ALCS MVP in 1992, and was a 12 time All-Star.

Alomar has been very close with the Blue Jays organization in many ways.  He has been a special adviser to the team, I have read he has assisted as a guest coach, and he continues to be a part of the community as he puts on multiple baseball camps.  Whenever the Blue Jays needed a hit it seemed like Alomar was up. Having him get the game started could be just as big of a hit as the ’92 ALCS homer.


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