Who throws out the Blue Jays playoff opener first pitch?

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Paul Molitor

Who better to get things going then the Ignitor himself.  Our Designated Hero has a chance to be managing the Twins in the playoffs as I write this article, but assuming Molitor is free (and willing!) I would love to see him involved in the festivities in some way.  Maybe even give a pregame special guest manager pep talk to spark the locker room.  The Hall of Famer has been beloved in Toronto since he signed with the Jays prior to the 1993 season.  He would become part of the Jays core that would lead us to our second World Series in as many seasons.

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As part of the dominant WAMCO lineup, Molitor led by example on the field.  He was known for being a very smart player with a give-it-110% attitude and the talent to back it all up.  Molly only played 3 seasons with the Jays and was an All-Star in 2 of those seasons.  At the age of 36 in 1993 he would bat .332 with 22 home runs, 111 RBIs, and even stole 22 bases.  Molitor would finish 2nd in the MVP voting that year with only fellow Hall of Famer Frank Thomas beating him.

Molitor is now the Twins manager as I mentioned earlier and has been a roaming coach since 2004 were he was the Mariners hitting coach.  As of today, the Twins are sitting 1.0 game behind the Astros for the 2nd Wild Card spot and regardless of the talent on the Twins, Molitor has been the one showing them how to play the game right.  The Twins have surprised the baseball world this season as many “smart baseball people” predicted that they would finish dead last in the AL Central.  At the moment the Twins have an impressive 83-76 record, which is pretty good for a first year manager, but we know he won’t settle for anything less then the best.  So much for finishing dead last, and Molitor’s Twins are knocking on the door to the post season.


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