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While it seems like we’ve been talking about it for a while, the MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching and the Toronto Blue Jays are in an interesting position.The next couple weeks could go any number of ways for Canada’s only team. And while that may or may not be encouraging, it does provide a lot of discussion points for our Jays’ Nest Podcast. This week, we look at how the next couple of weeks could unfold for the Blue Jays. We look at the move of Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen and what impact that has on possible moves. We look at possible trade scenarios and hand out our weekly awards! 

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To start off our discussion, we talked about the elephant in the Blue Jays’ room. I posted a poll for our readers on Monday asking whether they think the Blue Jays should be buyers, sellers or do nothing at the Trade Deadline. The responses were split. But, what is becoming more and more clear is that standing pat may just be something that Blue Jays fans have to come to grips with. It’s not exciting, it may not produce any pennants this year. But it still may be the way things work out. We looked at this possibility.

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From there, we discussed the confusion around sending Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen upon his return from the DL. Some speculated that a trade was coming and that that relegated Sanchez to the bullpen. Others feel it may be to protect him from further injury; that a starter’s role might be too intense for his body. It is an interesting situation and has a ripple effect on the rest of the pitching staff. 

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Our next discussion centred around the rumor from Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that the Blue Jays might be targeting Mike Fiers of the Brewers. While the tone of the “rumor” is rather ambiguous in and of itself, it does lead to some interesting Trade Deadline talk. Rosenthal says that the Blue Jays are interested, but nothing is close to happening and the Brewers may not even be willing to part with him. Regardless of the amount of teeth to this rumor, it makes you wonder about the type of target the Blue Jays might pursue. He certainly is not the “Ace” Johnny Cueto or Cole Hamels are. He may not even be the quality pitcher fans may be expecting belonging to the same category as Scott Kazmir, or even Mat Latos. It was an interesting conversation for us, though.

From there, we took some great reader questions. One focussed on a possible upgrade in left field and how likely it is. Another asked about the Blue Jays going all in, but following the 2014 Kansas City Royals and focussing on strengthening the bullpen. Our third question asked about the value in attempting to trade Chris Colabello while his value is high. All of these were great questions and led to some interesting discussion.

We wrapped up with our weekly awards, which gave me great pleasure. Once again, Keegan had to face the error in judgement he made about Marco Estrada. For our Hitter of the Week, we recognized a guy who probably doesn’t get enough hat tips around these parts for being a stud with the bat.

As always, we thank you for tuning in. Feel free to send your questions in. You are also invited to leave your thoughts or responses below.


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