Jays Journal vs. Jay Bird Watching Podcast: Guess that Blue Jays Player

Yesterday evening, the fine folks from Jay Bird Watching Podcast took on four members from the Jays Journal contributor group in a fun but spirited game of “Guess that Blue Jays Player”.

For the JBW crew, we had Craig Borden, Brendan Panikkar, Adam Corsair, and Kris Key.

For Jays Journal, there was Chris Henderson, Evan Gignac, Frank Pirillo, and myself.

The way the game works is pretty straightforward. One member from one team will give three clues to the opposite team, usually starting with a very vague and difficult clue to kick things off and then gradually getting easier with each clue received. If the opposing team guesses the correct player on the first clue, they get three points, and so on down.

If any team does not guess the Jays player after all three clues are given and officially taps out, they receive no points and this is usually followed by a collective groan. Each contestant supplied two players for the other team to guess, meaning a maximum of 24 points per team if we were on our A-game (spoiler: we were not).

Overall, it was a fun time had by all and for those of you who enjoy these types of games, I can personally tell you it is a lot harder to play and come up with Blue Jays player when you are on the spot and the Jay Bird Watching crew is watching your every move.

JBW played this same game amongst themselves roughly two weeks ago (a warm-up for the competition to come if you will) and while some of their players and clues may have been a bit more malicious amongst themselves, our game had some interesting names coming from both sides. Some were easily guessed and points were put on the board (Marco Scutaro and Josh Towers) while others were a bit more challenging and did not garner any points whatsoever (Dave Parker and Mike Napoli are not names that will go over easy with these two groups anymore).

While I won’t give away any spoilers as to who won between podcasters vs. contributors, I recommend tuning in to this podcast and their future podcasts for up-to-date Blue Jays conversation in a fun and light atmosphere that welcomes anyone who has a passion for the game.

As for Jays Journal, if you haven’t been following our content, I encourage you to do so as well as the team gears up for the 2022 campaign that will hopefully start on time.