Interview: Getting to know Toronto Blue Jays Prospect Daniel Norris

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Mandatory Credit: Jay Blue

Daniel Norris…On Teammates

JJ – In talking with both Matt Boyd and Kendall Graveman, we’ve heard the Derrick Chung is a huge asset behind the plate. Can you describe your relationship with him and how he aids you as a pitcher?

DN –  3 words;  Big League Catcher. Seriously, the guy is unbelievable behind the plate. Receiving… Yes. Throwing…Yes. Hitting…Yes. But it is the mental side of the game for him that is extremely impressive for me. He always has a plan. He is always relaxed and enjoying the game.

JJ – The D-Jays have an incredible group of defensive players playing behind you, including two of the best outfielders in the system in Dalton Pompey and Dwight Smith Jr. How important is it for you as a pitcher to know you have a quality defense behind you?

DN – Both of those guys are big leaguers. It’s fun to watch those guys play. They’ve saved me a few times. It’s great to see both of them having awesome years. – I realize I threw the big league card out on 3 players right now with Chung, Pony & Smitty. But that’s just a testament to how good our team really is.