Interview: Getting to know Toronto Blue Jays Prospect Daniel Norris

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Daniel Norris pitches for the Lansing Lugnuts in Lansing, Michigan on August 9, 2013. Mandatory Credit: Jay Blue

Daniel Norris…On Pitching

Jays Journal – You made huge strides in the second half of last year, what can you tell us about the work you did with pitching coach Vince Horsman?

Daniel Norris – Vincent was awesome. Stuck with me by & by. Through thick and thin ya know. He saw something in me I guess. Maybe it was the drive to get better. He spent a lot of time with me and helped me get out of that funk.

JJ – The success has definitely carried over into this year as you are slashing through the Florida State League. Is there a specific area you are hoping to improve this season or what are your goals?

…if I ranked ahead of Daniel Norris of yesterday then I’m on the right track

DN – For me, I look at each day as an opportunity to get better. I realize you may get that answer from many players. It’s almost cliché. The right thing to say… but I’ve really taken that seriously so far. Each time I begin my throwing program I get to work on repeating my delivery & so on.

JJ – You’ve made several adjustments to your delivery over the years. Can you talk us through those changes and how they’ve benefited you?

DN – Believe it or not they weren’t even that big of changes. Adjustments on my stride here and there.. getting my hands out over the rubber. And the main one was learning how to get on top of the ball and deliver it on a down hill plane.

JJ – Your fastball and curve ball are said to be your calling cards. That said, which pitch or pitches do you still feel you need to master for your arsenal to be complete?

DN – At this point in my career, I’ve come to realize I can get batters out with all 4 of my pitches. It’s all about execution. Every pitching coach I’ve had likes one of my off speeds better than the other. One likes the curve ball. One likes the slider. And one likes the change-up. It just depends on who you ask.