Interview: Getting to know Toronto Blue Jays Prospect Daniel Norris

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Norris pitching for the Bluefield Blue Jays in the summer of 2012 (Image via

Daniel Norris…On His Future

JJ –  With your success in Dunedin early this season, we’d have expected a move up to New Hampshire by now. However, we also know that the D-Jays are primed for a playoff run. Has the team had any discussion with you on their plans for you later this season? Are you able to elaborate on that at all?

DN – Ya know, I haven’t heard anything and to be honest, I’ve haven’t put much thought into it. It’s one of those things that’s out of my control. So why place my worry in it? That being said, I trust the Jays developmental staff with my career. All of them are awesome guys with my best interest at heart. They’ve been in this game a lot longer than I.. so I figured they know what’s best.

JJ – had you ranked as the 4th best prospect in the Blue Jays system (Jays Journal has you at #5), and every guy in between you and the top spot is a fellow pitcher. How important is it for you to be considered that highly in such a great group of arms?

DN – Ah ya know I appreciate the interest and all that but back to those things you can’t control. At the end of the day I gotta rank myself compared to myself of the previous day.. and if I ranked ahead of Daniel Norris of yesterday then I’m on the right track.