Why right now is the time for Blue Jays prospects to get hot

Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day
Toronto Blue Jays Photo Day / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The landscape of the 2024 Blue Jays team is about to change with the MLB trade deadline approaching in the coming weeks. Last in the AL East with playoff odds getting thinner by the day, the Blue Jays are squarely in the position to start selling off pieces. A recent Bob Nightengale report indicated that the Jays are willing to depart with all of their expiring contracts. This would include Yusei Kikuchi, Danny Jansen, Justin Turner, Trevor Richards, Yimi Garcia, and Kevin Kiermaier. That is a lot of roster spots to fill and this isn't to mention any of the other players not on expiring contracts that could also be dealt.

With spots opening up all over the field, someone is going to have fill them. There's a chance that the Jays get a major league player or two back in those deals but more likely they'll be acquiring prospects that need development time in the minor leagues. That leaves internal replacements, particularly, players in the upper minors, to fill the gaps.

Prospects vying for playing time in the majors need to seize this upcoming opportunity. A prospect in the midst of a hot streak is going to get greater emphasis than one sputtering. With a stretch of great play, they'll be bumped up the list of players waiting in line. This is particularly true for relievers such as Connor Cooke, Hagen Danner, Eric Pardinho, and Mason Fluharty. All four are potential replacements in the bullpen and there is not a position more volatile with change than being a reliever. A hot stretch for any of these relievers may be the difference between spending the rest of the year at Triple-A or the rest of the year with the big league club.

Starters such as Ricky Tiedemann, Adam Macko, and Chad Dallas all could see opportunity in the rotation if Yusei Kikuchi is dealt. A healthy and productive stretch could be the difference between which one sees the first call-up. Damiano Palmegiani, Riley Tirotta, and Gabriel Cancel are all vying for 1B/3B/DH at bats which would open up with Turner's departure (and Jansen who has also made a few starts at DH).

Needless to say, there's about to be bundles of opportunity to be had for aspiring big-leaguers. Their play over the next few months may be the difference in their MLB career and also may be the difference in who Blue Jays fans will be watching over the course of the rest of the season. Now, more than ever, is the time to get hot for Blue Jays prospects.