Jays Journal's Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects - 2024 Update

Orelvis Martinez
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The Blue Jays farm system as a whole is in a weaker spot entering the 2024 season. The system is deeper than it is top heavy but does have the personnel to make a substantial leap with good health and a few primed breakouts. With the exception of one notable name, many of the top pitching prospects lack upper minor experience. The farm is stocked with younger pitchers with intriguing arsenals that we're waiting on to put it all together. Many of the top bats in the system are approaching the major leagues and could make an impact sooner rather than later. There's also a strong crop of relievers at Triple-A that could see MLB innings this year.

When constructing a top prospect list, the aim is always to project the players that will make for the best big leaguers. There are many factors one must take into account including age, level, production, underlying data, raw tools, body, and mechanics. The below list weighs the importance of those details and much more. This list features in depth player profiles and is in descending order from the #30 ranked prospect to the #1.

This Top 30 prospects list is an updated and revised version of the previous Blue Jays Top 30 Prospects list published for JaysProspectus on X. JaysProspectus is an account dedicated to providing coverage on the Blue Jays Farm System and the MLB Draft.

Without further ado, let's jump into it.