What could the Blue Jays get in a trade for one of their superstars?

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Trade Guerrero/Bichette for an established star?

What about if the Jays went in the other direction? Look around the league and you’ll notice numerous teams with older superstars who seem destined for a reset, if not a rebuild.

Of course, the most obvious name which will jump into mind is Mike Trout. Yes, he is currently out for the year. Yes, he has his famous no-trade clause, and has insisted he wants to finish his career in sunny southern California. But with the Angles having lost Ohtani and once again sitting at the bottom of the standings, you’d have to think that if they were given the opportunity to bring Vladdy to the place his father dominated for so many years, well, they’d at least have to call Trout and ask, right?

How about the Mets, whose billionaire-backed spending spree hasn’t really gotten them anywhere. With Pete Alonso a free agent after this year, might they be anxious to trade for his replacement? Heck, if the Jays front office loves Alonso, maybe they would offer a one-for-one deal for Guerrero, then sign him to the extension they never put in front of Vladdy.

And we don’t even have to mention the San Diego Padres, who despite seeming to collect superstars for fun, are mired in their second consecutive year of .500 baseball. We know the Jays have kicked the tires on both Jake Cronenworth and Ha-Seong Kim in the past. What about a 2-for-1 deal?

Look through the league and you will surely find more names which might make sense. The point is, if the Jays are preparing for life without Vladdy and Bo, but don’t want to start all over again – particularly after pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a ballpark which now needs to be filled – they might just be able to turn a current face of the franchise into the next one.

Should the Blue Jays trade one of their superstars?

So, what do you think? Is there a move out there for Guerrero or Bichette that makes sense? More importantly, should the Jays be actively looking to pull the plug on the current iteration of the franchise? If so, well, the day will be something between bittersweet and tragic.

Or, you know, Vladdy and Bo could go on an absolute tear, save the season, then sign for ten years each. That would work too …

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