Four expectations Blue Jays fans have for 2024

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
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2. Someone to step up

As mentioned, the Blue Jays have become perennially competitive. Regardless of how long this window will last, it’s worth noting that none of these seasons have been exceptional. The win total per season has topped out at 92. A respectable number, but not one that is breaking any records. The last great Blue Jays season, one that was full of clutch moments and dominating performances, came back in 2015. 

That season had quite the cast of characters. From breakouts like Marco Estrada and Chris Colabello, consistent veterans in Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, and playoff push boosts like Troy Tulowitzki and David Price. Included in this group was one player that was feared by opposing teams all season, and always came through in clutch spots. Josh Donaldson won the American League MVP that season, as a testament to his efforts to push the Jays to 93 wins and their first division title in over 20 years. A 7.1 bWAR, as well as leading the league in RBI, runs scored and total bases, was the individual performance that pushed the Jays over the hump and brought them back to relevance.

With all the talent on this Blue Jays roster, who is going to be that guy for them? It looked like it was going to be Guerrero after his ridiculous 2021 season. Since then Vlad has taken a step back and no one on this roster has stepped up. Bo Bichette has been a stud his entire career, but nothing approaching the levels of 2021 Vlad or a 2015 Donaldson. As stated, the team has the depth. With All-Star caliber players and veteran leaders galore, this team needs someone, a position player, to step up.

If this expectation amongst fans is going to be met, it’s likely to be from someone internal, and the names are no mystery. Will Bo Bichette or Vladimir Guerrero Jr. step up and become that MVP level talent capable of putting this team on their back?