Blue Jays: The Dunedin, Florida experience during Spring Training

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays
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Beer and spirits aplenty

Now that you have had your eats, it's time for a few drinks with your friends and family. Some of the best places to hang out are right in Dunedin so hope your hotel room is close!

Dunedin House of Beer - If you are looking for a place with some great bar games along with some incredible beers this is your spot. They have everything from darts to oversized Jenga games and all are welcome. So while you have a couple of beers with your friends you can play an oversized connect four game with one of your children and just enjoy having some fun with a beer in hand.

Dunedin Brewery - Locally brewed beer at its finest right here. Good food and plenty of musical acts for a wonderful place to hang out.

Looking for something a little more classy to finish your evening? If you are looking for a wine or a nice cocktail you should head to the Black Pearl or the aptly named The Living Room on Main.

Maybe you are feeling a little Irish and need another beer at the end of the night there is always plenty of singing at Flanagan's! Always has live music and good bar bites to nibble on with that pint.