Blue Jays: Handing out the Blue Jays Feather of the Month Award for January

Blue Jays
Blue Jays / David Berding/GettyImages

Everyone has heard the expression "a feather in his cap", especially those who have read Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, published in 1960 and a 1970 movie.

It is never said what kind of feather, but for our purposes, we must assume it is a Blue Jays feather. We at Jays Journal have formed a committee (of one, me) which each month will award the prestigious Blue Jays Feather of the Month, to the Blue Jay that has accomplished or done something of note the during the month.

What is feather worthy will be determined by using various criteria, such as performance, statements or other noteworthy Blue Jays incidents. Suggestions from the adoring readers of Jays Journal shall be encouraged and considered. "What has he done for us lately?" will always be a big factor in the voting.

January is a slow month, but there were still a few candidates to pick from in Blue Jays Nation.

Ross Atkins and the front office were discussed, for signing 11 of 12 arbitration eligible players. It demonstrates that they are more interested in winning than arguing (for the most part).

Santiago Espinal going on the Winter Tour to Vancouver and in Toronto did a fine job of representing the team. No other Blue Jay participated in both stops. As a side note, the front office could improve in this area, and make stops in the prairies, Quebec and the Maritimes. Wouldn't cost that much and would show some appreciation for fans that mostly can't attend games.

All of the above might be reasonable candidates, but the committee decided on a veteran who chose to come to Toronto, and said for all the world to hear, "we should be World Series favorites this year." Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but you have to love the attitude.

Brandon Belt, you are hereby awarded the prestigious inaugural Blue Jays Feather of the Month Award in recognition of your stated desires to be a Blue Jay and win the World Series.

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