6 Blue Jays players to thank for their recent winning ways

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins, Kevin Gausman
Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins, Kevin Gausman / David Berding/GettyImages
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Bo Bichette

To be honest, this list wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Bo Bichette himself. He has gotten it done in previous years, he has done it the whole time so far this year, so of course he has played a huge role in the Jays’ recent success in the past couple of weeks. Already having taken upon more a leadership role on the current team, Bichette has also let his play speak volumes in leading the team to victory many times so far this year. No doubt he must have had some convincing words during the players-only meeting, and even if he didn’t, he was destined to go out there and lead by example to get his team back on track.

In the past 13 games, mighty Bo has hit .309 with an OPS close to 1.000, six runs scored, one triple, five home runs, 11 RBI and a stolen base. More importantly, he has the knack for coming through with key hits at key moments, which is the main difference between a true superstar and a solid MLB professional player. And as an added bonus, his defence has been quite steady and calming recently, despite having his 25-game errorless streak snapped on Thursday night. Key point is it has stabilized to a point where it is no longer increasing the blood pressure of Jays’ fans as much as before, nor costing the team games.

The more and more we witness Bichette at his best, the more he appears to be entering the conversation as the true MVP for the team this year. Which bids the question, is there anything Bo can’t do? Well one thing’s for sure, one thing he COULD do is leave town, so it will be essential for the Jays’ brass to lock him down with a long-term contract as soon as they can to make sure “Bo flows” with the franchise for many years to come.

Overall, it is great to see that the Jays are starting to get more solid contributions recently from players that weren’t producing at the start of the season, along with star players maintaining their strong starts this deep into the season as well. One could only hope that some of the other struggling players can pick it up soon, thus making this rejuvenated Jays ballclub a frightening beast down the stretch.