5 John Schneider decisions that doomed Blue Jays in the Wild Card Series

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Fire John Schneider?

With a flameout as downright embarrassing as the Jays just experienced, the first thought of many is going to be to call for the manager’s head. Should John Schneider be fired? Well, one thing is for sure – it will be hard for Schneider to ever come back from the fourth inning of Game 2, to ever regain the trust of his players, to ever convince them that he is anything more than the impotent mouthpiece of a group of stuffed shirts skulking around in the shadows.

But that’s just it. If you’re going to point the finger at John Schneider, well, you better have more than one finger. His worst decisions and most egregious mistakes don’t just fall out of the sky. They are meticulously laid out and mandated by Ross Atkins and his precious analytics department.

So, should John Schneider get the sack? Possibly … but this should be the decision of a new general manager as they work through the process of building a new analytics department and a new way for the organization to view and utilize statistics.

Simply, regardless of the manager behind the bench, the Jays cannot afford to run it back for another year with Ross Atkins and his flawed analytics steering the ship.

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