5 Blue Jays the fans are already losing patience with

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John Schneider

As the interim manager of the Jays in 2022, John Schneider helped the team to a 46-28 record down the stretch after taking over from Charlie Montoyo midway through the season last year, leading the Jays to second place in the AL East and a postseason berth. The Jays believed he could continue to guide the team to success in the 2023 season and thus signed him to a three-year contract to become the full-time manager of the team. It appeared to be the right move, as the Jays got out to a strong start for the 2023 season and had kept pace with all the strong teams in the AL East division.

However, in recent weeks, many questionable actions and decisions made by Schneider had started to draw the ire of the Jays’ fanbase. The list included: leaving struggling pitchers in one batter too long, putting struggling or fatigued pitchers in high-leverage situations that backfired, underusing certain players that could potentially produce and be effective, pinch hitting an obviously ill player for someone who was on a hot streak, escalating the fiasco between the Jays and New York Yankees and almost embarrassing the team, and the most recent blunder of forgetting how many mound visits were made in an inning and forcing the pitcher (who was having a good game) to be removed from the game, just to name a few.

With such moves, they have directly or indirectly cost the Jays many winnable games this season, and with the crazy tight race in the AL East, every little game could potentially be a difference maker down the stretch and determine whether or not the Jays eventually make the postseason. As a result, Schneider will definitely need to show that he can make the right roster moves, situational adjustments and think over carefully twice before making any decisions soon, or else not only will the Jays’ season be in jeopardy, but his position may be as well.