5 Blue Jays the fans are already losing patience with

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Alek Manoah

Normally, if a pitcher struggled for a few starts on the mound, they would be given time to work things out, as seen with José Berríos and Yusei Kikuchi this past year. Patience was the key point being emphasized for it to finally work out for the pitchers in the end. As such, Alek Manoah has unfortunately run into some of the same troubles this year, as he had lost control of his command in most of his outings, leading to a cumulative ERA of 5.15, 1.737 WHIP, with a whopping 33 walks, nine home runs, and 40 strikeouts in just 50.2 innings pitched. It has been a very uncharacteristic season for a player who has proven to be one of the most consistent hurlers the past two years, including being an AL Cy Young finalist just last year.

If he was similar to Berríos and Kikuchi, being at the back end of the rotation, he wouldn’t have garnered as much attention. But because he has shown to always be the dominant, Cy Young-calibre, ace starter of the Jays’ staff these past two years, much more was been expected of Manoah, as people weren’t accustomed to such inconsistency at all. As a result, as much as he should be also given a long runway to work out his kinks, the patience of the Jays’ fanbase is beginning to wear thin as they know he is much better than this and should have figured it out and gotten out of it much faster. He did produce a solid start in his last outing against the Baltimore Orioles, which was quite encouraging, but unfortunately it was disrupted by an inexcusable blunder by the manager. Speaking of which….