4 internal candidates that could fix the Blue Jays bullpen

RHP Hagen Danner making his Debut against the Chicago Cubs on August 12th, 2023
RHP Hagen Danner making his Debut against the Chicago Cubs on August 12th, 2023 / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Adam Macko

Macko was acquired in the trade for Erik Swanson, in exchange for Teoscar Hernandez. The 6-foot left-handed pitcher has started off his season in Double-A, and is currently on a great stretch. In his last six starts, here are Macko's stats: 32 IP/2.81 ERA/46 K/7 BB/0.91 WHIP.

Macko is one of the best left-handed pitching prospect outside of Ricky Tiedemann in the Jays farm system. He's another potential candidate to make his MLB debut this year, and if he continues down this dominant stretch, he may end up forcing the Blue Jays' hand. There is a possibility that the team would prefer not to disrupt his development, and would only want him called up when he is prepared to be an MLB starter, but with how the state of the bullpen has been to this point, being flexible enough to allow him to face stronger competition as the season goes on could make all the difference for both Macko and the Blue Jays.

Hagen Danner

Danner is a name that the Jays have called upon before. He made his debut in 2023, however his outing was done after just one out, as he was removed from the game with an oblique strain. Danner was seen as a possibility to join the Opening Day roster, but ultimately began the season in Triple-A.

He throws a high-90s fastball with excellent ride, effectively pairing it with a sharp slider that tunnels well with his heater, and mixes in a curveball to keep hitters off balance. Danner is currently on the injured list, but is not expected to be out of commission for too long. He's one of the more major league-ready options available for the Jays, so it's just a matter of staying healthy for him to really get a chance to contribute.