4 internal candidates that could fix the Blue Jays bullpen

RHP Hagen Danner making his Debut against the Chicago Cubs on August 12th, 2023
RHP Hagen Danner making his Debut against the Chicago Cubs on August 12th, 2023 / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Mason Fluharty

Fluharty's path to the majors is quite simple. If another left-handed reliever is sent down or gets injured, he should be the first guy to receive the call. Fluharty has been having a strong season out of the Buffalo Bisons bullpen, posting a 2.80 ERA in 35.1 innings, with just two home runs allowed in that span. Fluharty is also 22-years old, so opting to go for younger players over the journeymen within their system might be the proper execution going forward. The Jays currently have three left-handed relievers in their bullpen, so it's unlikely that Fluharty would be a fourth, but instead would swap him for one of the others. The Jays have gotten fairly poor production out of their lefties this season. They have a 5.15 ERA, -0.7 fWAR, and 4.4 K-BB%, all of which are ranked dead last in MLB. A fresh arm like Fluharty could be their best course of action, rather than running out the same names from this point on.

Andrew Bash

Bash in an interesting name to consider. He has been the Bisons' most consistent and dependable starter this season. He leads the club in innings pitched (53.2) and strikeouts (53), and has only given up four home runs this season.

Bash uses a four-pitch mix to get hitters out – a four-seam fastball, changeup, slider, and sweeper. Since moving from the bullpen to starting rotation, he has been one of the better success stories that the Jays pitching farm system has had. The Blue Jays could consider calling upon him to help flesh out the current state of the bullpen, and Bash does have professional experience in those spots as well. The team could argue that they don't want to disturb the current developments Bash has been making in the minor leagues, however at 27-years old, this could be Bash's best opportunity to contribute at the major league level.