3 reasons you should worry about the Blue Jays bullpen, and 3 reasons you shouldn’t

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Despite the general perception that the Toronto Blue Jays should be a very good team in 2023, many are worried that the bullpen will ultimately prove to be their Achilles heel.

It may have all started when FanGraphs projected the Blue Jays to have the 13th best bullpen in baseball this year, worse than every other serious playoff contender, save for the Twins, Orioles, and the Edwin Díaz-less Mets.

Then again, it may actually have started with Kevin Gausman walking off the mound in game two of the Wild Card series last year …

So, should you be worried? Or will the Jays pen be better than they are currently being given credit for?

Three Reasons You Should Worry About the Blue Jays Bullpen

No. 3: Regression may be on the horizon for Jays relievers

If Romano, Swanson, and Bass pitch similarly to how they did last year, when they put up ERAs of 2.11, 1.68, and 1.54 respectively, the Jays will have one of the best back ends to their bullpen in baseball. However, numerous projection models have each of the three facing a steep regression this year.

Romano, for one, is projected by each of ZiPS, Steamer, and FanGraphs to add more than a full run to his ERA in 2023. Meanwhile, both Swanson and Bass are projected by all three models to see their ERA more than double.

If this regression happens, Blue Jays fans will probably have to worry about the bullpen.