3 reasons why the Blue Jays are still in the running and 2 why they're not

Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays
Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages
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Out of it: The AL East

When the newly-balanced MLB schedule was released for the 2023 season, in theory it was a positive for the Blue Jays. A reduction from 19 to 13 games versus each divisional rival was perceived in some corners as advantageous.

This rationale seemed to make sense in terms of less games versus each AL East team giving the Blue Jays a chance to increase their overall wins total. Unfortunately for them, the reality of the new schedule format has not had the desired results to date.

The revamped schedule has benefited all five divisional teams, with no one below .500 as of June 7. Three AL East teams currently sit in a playoff spot, but this doesn't include Toronto, who are three games back of the final wild card place.

The biggest reason for this is the Blue Jays' record when they do face other AL East teams. Their 6-15 record is poorest in the division, five losses worse than both the Yankees and Red Sox.

As such, it's all very well the Blue Jays being tied for most wins outside their division, both in the AL East specifically and the Majors as a whole. However, it ultimately won't help them if they can't find a way to beat their divisional opponents more consistently, whether they are playing them less or not.