Blue Jays: Marcus Stroman auctioning Humboldt Broncos tribute hat

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 07: Marcus Stroman
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 07: Marcus Stroman /

After the tragedy in Saskatchewan this weekend, the sports world paid tribute, including Marcus Stroman, who will auction his hat in support of those affected.

One of the saddest stories the sports world has seen in decades took place over the weekend in Saskatchewan. In case you missed the story, a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos Jr Hockey team collided with a semi-truck, and as of this writing there are 15 young men dead, and another 14 that were injured in the crash. It’s a tragedy of unspeakable measures, and it’s a story that has broken the hearts of people across the world.

If there is a silver lining in this tragic event, it’s that people have lined up to support those that were affected by the accident in droves. As of this writing, there has been over 4.6 million raised on their GoFundMe page, and I’m sure I could update this hourly for the next few days. Check out where the total sits, and make a contribution if you’re interested and able.

The Blue Jays Marcus Stroman was in on supporting the cause, writing on “Humboldt Broncos” on his hat that he wore during Saturday’s start against the Rangers, and “SK” on the other. True to his word, Stroman is auctioning off the hat, with the proceeds going to the cause for the Broncos.

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As of this writing, the highest bid for that hat sits at $2,010, and the auction will be open until 8:00pm EST on April 15th. If you’ve got deep pockets and are interested in this exclusive item, then give it a shot. I know I had considered as much until I saw where the total was already sitting, and I’m thrilled to see that it looks like it’ll go for a hefty amount.

When tragedy of this magnitude strikes, the only redeeming part is the way communities come together in love and support, and that’s happened in spades for the SJHL team and their community. It’s great to see the Blue Jays and Stroman getting in on the act as well, as their fan base covers the majority of Canada, and definitely includes many in the province of Saskatchewan.

There was even a tweet directed at Stroman from one of the parents of a survivor of the accident, who thanked the Blue Jays’ star for his support.

There were vigils held all over the province on Sunday evening, with the one in Humboldt having many notable guests including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and notable members of the hockey community like Don Cherry and Ron MacLean. It’s a story that’s swept the entire country, and especially the sports world, and every contribution will be needed in the coming weeks, months, and likely years for this community.

Like him or not, Stroman is frequently quick to show his support for a variety of groups, so it’s no surprise to see him do something like this. It’s definitely a classy move from the 26 year old, and yet another reason to like the charismatic star.

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