Blue Jays: Can Marcus Stroman use his social media to help the Blue Jays?

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 28: Marcus Stroman
TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 28: Marcus Stroman /

He’s recently been criticised for his heavy social media presence, but with nearly half-a-million Twitter followers and the same again on Instagram, could Marcus Stroman use his presence for good to help Toronto Blue Jays this offseason?

He’s constantly promoting his own clothing label, life motto or rap singles, and you’ll often see Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman interacting with fans or the official Blue Jays account if you check Twitter regularly enough; all of which are perfectly suitable. In amongst these tweets, Stroman likes to interact with his nearest and dearest; family and friends. It’s these tweets that got me thinking most…

In an offseason that has chugged along for almost all ball clubs, it seems to finally be kicking into gear for the Jays thanks to the trade for Yangervis Solarte, and hopefully, the front office isn’t finished yet. Two of the biggest needs the Jays will be looking to address before Spring Training is an outfielder and another arm for the rotation (as per Chris Henderson’s recent piece). If the Free Agent market is proving to be too expensive for the Blue Jays (it seems an expensive multi-year deal for Lorenzo Cain is off the table and it’s gone a touch quiet on the elite starting pitchers), the best way to acquire a player is to dip back into the trade market as they did for Solarte and Aledmys Diaz.

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So, who are the best outfielders and starting arms available for trade? Two names that keep cropping up are Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chris Archer at the Tampa Bay Rays. Enter the Stro Show and his Twitter account…

Stroman played with both Archer and McCutchen as part of the 2017 WBC gold-medal winning side, so it’s natural that such success results in friendship. Stroman and Archer regularly tweet each other and enjoy each other’s company – Stroman tweeted earlier in the offseason that Archer had swung by his new house with a welcoming gift – and engaged in a twitter conversation with McCutchen post-New Year’s Eve about a drone flying in Dubai (where Stroman was on vacation with his family). Cutch and Archer were tweeting each other on New Year’s Day to complete the triangle.

Now tweeting each other pleasantries and being able to influence one another is very different. But how unrealistic is it to think that if the front office were looking to make a play on either All-Star, Stroman would be worth utilizing to tweet (possibly something more private) to help persuade them to come to Toronto?

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In the modern day when teams travel so much, getting on with teammates is surely important; so how about it, Marcus? Could you put a tweet out to your friends to see how they fancy The Six? I’m sure you’d be keen to play alongside them and I’m certain the Blue Jays fan base would get behind you to help support the cause; we’d certainly be happy with them as a fit – put that Twitter account to good use!