Blue Jays’ Roy Halladay and his TV commercial life

NEW YORK _ JUNE 3: Roy Halladay
NEW YORK _ JUNE 3: Roy Halladay /

I wanted to do a personal tribute to one of my favorite baseball players of all time but wanted to show a side of Roy Halladay that was rarely seen between the baselines. His sense of humor was just one of his incredible traits and it was shown in his TV commercials.

Roy Halladay is known by his peers as one of the most fierce competitors in baseball but one of the best human beings you will ever meet. This is known throughout baseball world and there has been no shortage of wonderful stories that have been shared after his untimely death yesterday. It hit me with a ton of bricks when I read the headline. I didn’t even get the article open before taking a seat at work to just come to terms with what had rocked my world.

As the day went on I started remembering all the wonderful times I got to see him play. The one wonderful time that I got to talk to him for a few minutes while I held my friend’s son on my shoulders while he got an autograph. That day in Cooperstown where he took the time out of his day to just chat casually and sign a young fan’s baseball stuck with me. I know it did with the little one that became a baseball fanatic after meeting him. Watching him between the lines though he was all business and he was fearsome as he mowed down opposing hitters.

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As I started thinking of what to write about Roy Halladay I thought it would be fun to show what many didn’t get to see when he was on the diamond. I have compiled a list of what I am going to call the Top 5 Roy Halladay commercials that I have seen. I hope everyone can join in on Twitter if they have ones that anyone may not have seen.

At number five we have a commercial from 2003 that supported the Baseball North campaign. In this one, a game-winning celebration goes horribly wrong for one player.

Number four shows a young Roy feeding the wildlife as he ditches some awful food from his dinner plate. Mom was so proud he cleaned his plate.

Number three Halladay strolls by a few kids and causes a buzz.

Number two shows innocent bystander Halladay getting brought to solve a stealing situation.

Now for the drum roll everyone. The number one Roy Halladay commercial shows just how loyal Halladay is to his catcher calling his game.

Roy Halladay was a treasure to the world of baseball and part of the Toronto Blue Jays Mount Rushmore. He will be missed by everyone that has ever had a chance to meet him or see him play. He is an example of how the game should be played and how you should treat people in your life. He also showed if you work hard and push yourself that you can achieve great things. His life should be celebrated and I look forward to seeing his legacy preserved in Toronto and possible Cooperstown.

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I will never forget the feeling when he returned to throw out this first pitch against the Yankees. Was happy to cheer him on and I will always remember how much I loved watching him do what he does best. You will be missed, Roy Halladay. RIP and all my thoughts and prayers are with the Halladay family.