Blue Jays: Did Aaron Sanchez take a jab at Stroman on social media?

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 18: Aaron Sanchez
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 18: Aaron Sanchez /

Without sounding like a gossip news website, it appears Aaron Sanchez may have taken a shot at his teammate Marcus Stroman by liking a certain “#FAKE” comment made by White Sox infielder Tim Anderson who was referring to Stroman.

Ok, here’s the situation Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez used to be inseparable, they were one another’s ride or dies, bro’s for life, the yin to my yang. Do you get my point? They reportedly had a falling out over the offseason and Stroman cryptically said they we not as close as they once were when questioned by the media.

I have searched long and hard all season long to see how they interact with one another, however, you never see the two together anywhere on the bench or in the same camera shot. So something has definitely happened between the two pitchers and their affection for another.

Stroman then has his little beef with Tim Anderson of the White Sox over asking for a timeout while Stroman was already into his wind-up. The two sparred back and forth a little post-game, No biggie.

Shortly after the MLB Instagram account posted a photo of Stroman titled “Height Don’t Measure Heart”. The verified account of Tim Anderson commented on the photo with “#FAKE”. This was a couple of weeks ago and all appeared forgotten between the two.

So apparently yesterday Sanchez followed Anderson on Instagram and proceeded to like the comment from the infielder. I am not an Instagram guru by any means and was unable to locate the like by Sanchez, however, there were whispers that it was removed.

Hat tip to Tirshan B who captured the screen shot of the Sanchez like.

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I hope and pray that Sanchez’s “like” is actually fake as the Blue Jays need these two hurlers at the front of their rotation for years to come and petty feuding and bickering back and forth on the keyboard does not make for good chemistry in the clubhouse.

Alright, no more gossip, back to baseball as the Jays look to snag a win at Wrigley this afternoon in-game two of their series with the defending World Series Champions.

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