Former Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos Soon to Work?


According to a series of rumors, former Toronto Blue Jays GM, Alex Anthopoulos could be deciding on his future soon and he’s had some interesting options.

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After Alex Anthopoulos left, it kind of felt like he would assume the role of recent college grad ho was going to take time off to “find himself”. And, he did. He took time to be with his family and friends, which is something he hasn’t been able to do over the last several years. The life of a GM is something that many of us will never understand. We put a lot of pressure on these executives and often forget that they are humans with families.

AA is not exactly an aging member of the baseball executive community. In fact, it was his young age (38) that likely allowed him to connect to the average baseball fan. But, his age also means that his family is younger. Asking a guy to leave all of that behind in favor of his job is a big ask. It is one that he chose to take on, though. Now, it is one that he chose to walk away from.

All of the drama over a new president aside, many wondered just what would the Ninja GM do for his next act? Well, it appears that we are starting to get an idea as to what that might be. This morning, Sportsnet’s Jeff Blair shared a teaser that sounded interesting:

Anthopoulos as a broadcaster? Hmmm. That sounds intriguing. We always got the sense that he understood the media and their job. He understood that even little bloggers wanted any ounce of info he was willing to provide. Could his insight into the media actually steer him in that direction? It would be difficult to imagine the guy who used the rules of MLB so cleverly to all of a sudden move into broadcasting in the prime of his career.

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Cue a piece from Gregory Strong of the Canadian Press. Strong brings us some interesting comments about AA’s next move. He spoke of broadcasting: “There were some media opportunities that came up that were interesting just from a quality of life standpoint. I think I might enjoy that and I had some really interesting discussions with some people just to educate myself. I think it would be challenging and I think it would be fun.”

Obviously, the first outlet that comes to mind to possibly offer him a job would be the mighty Sportsnet. But, he doesn’t come out and say it. But, perhaps the tweet from Blair above can be interpreted that way. However, f your gut told you that AA and broadcasting wouldn’t make much sense, you were right. He outlines his decision thusly: “But then the more I thought about it, it’s most likely I’ll stay in baseball. Just because I’ve done it so long and I’m still young in my baseball career. I don’t think I’m prepared to walk away.” Strong tells us that he very well could make a decision in the next month.

That makes more sense. That’s the Alex we know and love. So, what now? Well, another interesting tweet came out this morning:

Anthopoulos moving into an executive position makes perfect sense. It also makes sense that the Marlins, who are a perennial mess would seek someone of his capabilities. Just what his role might look like remains anyone’s guess, but you can’t go wrong bringing in the reigning Executive of the Year.

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Time will tell just whether any of this turns out to be actual news or just a combination of random thoughts that we’re clinging to in these lean times of Blue Jays news. Of course, the negativity surrounding  the new regime in Toronto will make these whisperings that much more intriguing. Despite years of fans calling for his job, Alex Anthopoulos will now be seen as the hero that left us. But, like all heroes, his work will never be done and he’s needed elsewhere.