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Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman, is using new technology to train. It was part of his rehab program after a knee injury that he maintains today.

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When Marcus Stroman returned from an ACL injury this past September, it was way ahead of schedule. When he first injured his knee, many said he wouldn’t return until 2016. Yet, he managed to work his way back and become a late season impact arm that helped them clinch the AL East title and gave them a nice #2 starter for the postseason. He worked diligently while earning his degree from Duke University. Part of his training included the Omegawave technology, which he still uses.

According to its site, Omegawave, is a training program that uses technology to measure an athletes to collect data and analyze data, optimize their training approach in an effort to maximize performance. And, they add an interesting little note that clubs and teams can “maximize their investments”.

"“This platform was created to help coaches in the optimization of their systems of athlete preparation in order to achieve the best results. Omegawave Knowledge not only provides the latest developments in sports science and the methodology of training but also the understanding of how to implement such knowledge to practice.”"

In lay (on the couch) person terms, the program offers a sensor that the athlete wears that measures resting states of the CNS (central nervous system), cardiac and metabolic systems. The measurements come from a sensor strap worn around the chest as well as a node on the forehead. In typical Stroman fashion, it is modeled via a tweet he sent out a while ago:

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The data collected is stored in a cloud that the athlete or coach can access via their iPhone or iPad. Measurements are also collected throughout the workout program to measure optimal performance levels and optimal times for workouts. Coaches can see the data for a whole squad of athletes. All of this data allows for designing and optimizing training programs, etc. The site boasts that the program also helps athletes avoid injury. It makes sense that it also had a hand in helping Stroman recover from his.

The fact that Stroman is leading the way in training and technology doesn’t really come as a surprise. While some athletes throw out slogans and sayings, Stroman’s “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart” is proving to be more than just a slogan. He’s worked against adversity to reach the level of performance he has and then the comeback that was legendary is further proof of the “heart” that he puts into everything he does.

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He is proving himself to be a fierce competitor. And, the Blue Jays will need him to be every ounce of that in the coming season. Stroman will become the de facto ace of the rotation as the club looks to defend its AL East title. In coming back in September after months of layoff, he showed the potential that have us all believing he can seize that ace role. Now, he’ll enter the new season with a full winter of training under his belt; training that includes the Omegawave program.