Toronto Blue Jays Poll: Greatest Players of All Time Rd2

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Jays Journal is asking you to choose the Greatest Blue Jays of All Time. Voting in Round 1 has finished. See who moves on to the next round and have your say!

The votes are in from Round 1 of our reader poll. You’ve made some tough calls in the first round. You’ve also made some very easy ones. That is what is so interesting about this endeavor. Each of us has their own criteria for deciding on greatness. As we move into the second round, your selection process may be challenged a bit. It may be harder to choose. But, we’ll present the case for each and let you go to work.

In the first round, there were some interesting results. For example, Jose Bautista was selected over Damaso Garcia. That is not the surprise, but the lopsided nature of the result was a bit. I mean, Garcia certainly is no slouch in Blue Jays lore. But, Bautista is fresh in everyone’s mind. And, show me a video of a Garcia bat flip and things might tilt a bit in his favor.

On the pitching side of things, there weren’t any real surprises other than the fact that some people actually chose Kelvim Escobar and Todd Stottlemyre over Dave Stieb and Roy Halladay respectively. Really? It wasn’t many, mind you but there were some.

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But, that is the fun nature of this poll. There is bound to be some room for debate and bias. Whether it is playoff experience, a World Series trophy or plain old recency, there is bound to be one thing that influences your decision. That is going to be put to the test here in the next round. The choices will be tougher.

In Round 2, both hitters and pitchers will be put together. They aren’t up against each other, yet. But, now that we only have 4 matchups on each side, we can afford to move a little quicker. Choose your “greatest” and feel free to justify your choices in the comment section. The winner of each matchup will go to the next round where the choice will be even tougher. We’ll continue until we get one hitter and one pitcher and you will have to choose between the two.

Without further ado, here we go!

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