Blue Jays rumors: Club in contract dance with Chris Davis


The Toronto Blue Jays rumor mill is officially in high gear, and the faster it turns, the stranger the rumors get. According to a tweet from Howard Berger, the Blue Jays are in a “serious contract dance” with Chris Davis. I see I have your attention! 

Davis has been linked to the Blue Jays throughout the early stages of the offseason, but frankly, it’s all appeared to be fluff. Very loose reports of the club having “interest”, but until this point, it’s largely been dismissed as stating the obvious.

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The slugging ex-Oriole is set for a mammoth free agent payday, one which doesn’t line up with the Blue Jays budget on a surface level. Looking past 2016, however, there could be a great deal more logic.

Jose Bautista

will be set for free agency in his late-30s, while current in-house 1B/DH masher

Edwin Encarnacion

is headed right behind him. Earlier today, reports emerged that Encarnacion

was setting a negotiation deadline of Spring Training

. With home run totals of 53 and 47 in two of his past three seasons, Davis would have 50-bomb power potential in the Rogers Centre, especially given the bats that would be surrounding him. Such an addition would open one of

Justin Smoak


Chris Colabello

to a move, potentially for relief help that’s becoming all too pricey on the open market. Then again, Davis sort of fits that “pricey on the open market” category, doesn’t he? This is an admittedly bizarre development. Not in terms of fit, but in terms of what we’ve come to expect. We’ll keep you updated with any further news on this front, but let’s hold off for some further reports on this one for now.

— Update: The reason why we suggested waiting for further reports…