Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Comeback Player

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Jays Journal staff nominated several candidates for the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays Comeback Player of the Year!

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The improvement that the Blue Jays made in 2015 wasn’t just in part to blowing up the trade deadline with the glee of a four-year-old crashing through a block tower. There were notable members of the team that matched the energy brought into the city with the moves to improve their performances and help drive Toronto into the playoffs. It was tough to single out just one member of the Blue Jays who made the biggest leap, and not just for the fans.

Six different players received nods from Jays Journal writers in the voting process. That’s almost 25% of the playoff roster. With so many players garnering enough attention, it’s a sign that there is a lot of credit to spread around for the success the Blue Jays had this year. Conversely, it also means there are a lot of players who could take steps back in 2016. Depends on how the glass is poured. For now, let’s celebrate the steps taken forward and the half glass that’s already been drunk by looking at the players who bounced back and had improved seasons.

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